I Thought Chicago Was Cool…..

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Chicago A Round Lake Park woman was held in contempt and jailed for two days for the message on her T-shirt. The message was: “I own the pussy, so I make the rules.”Jennifer LaPenta, 19, was released from the Lake County Jail Tuesday. “They should be out looking for people who are breaking the law, not arresting someone wearing a T-shirt,” LaPenta said. Associate Judge Helen Rozenburg charged LaPenta with contempt of court for wearing the garment in her courtroom Monday…. Rozenburg immediately sentenced her to 48 hours in jail and had her cuffed, LaPenta said. LaPenta said she bought the shirt in the gay section of Spencer’s. She said she is openly homosexual and said the judge was a “homophobe” for putting her in custody for wearing the shirt. … LaPenta said the judge did not give her an opportunity to turn her shirt inside out or exit the courtroom.

Here is my take on this.  I have been to Chicago a few times in my life and have always had a great time.  I have not been in three years and have no idea what has happened.   The city has gone soft like my cock does after a long session with my X-wife.   What’s the problem with a not so pretty girl wearing a shirt that says,  “I have the pussy so I make the rules.” Is it because she is not a lipstick lesbian?  It’s a pretty true statement whether she is gay or straight.  If she is into girls her girlfriend, who wears the strap on, will be taking orders from her.  What’s the big deal and what’s wrong with speaking the truth?  Now I am looking for a shirt that says, “I have a cock and I take orders.”  I would wear that all day long and have a few spares in case I loose one, or if all my friends want one.   I can see her being asked to leave school or take the shirt off, (not a pretty sight) but to get arrested?  Chicago has gone soft……  Iceberg@RollinSD.com

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