I Love Stupid People

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The kid from the 6th Sense said, “I see dead people”.  I say, “I love stupid people”.  The internet is great for so many reasons.  Information is at your finger tips in seconds, you can communicate with friends easily, share information with others and even log onto your work email from home.  The best thing about the internet is, it lets the idiots of the world show us just how stupid they really are.  Who doesn’t know what is going to happen in this video within the first 2 seconds of watching it?  Hell, you don’t even need to start the video. You can just look at the first photo and know what is going to happen.  This was more predictable them me knowing my wife was going to ask me if I signed the two boys up for soccer within the first 15 seconds of me walking in the door.  I will have  to tell her I only signed one up because the site couldn’t locate my oldest.  Then she will say, but he played last year, we only have 3 days to sign him up before the deadline, did you email the league?  who can you call? are you sure you were using the website correctly?  I am willing to bet all these (and probably more!) will be asked, maybe not in that order but they will be asked.  Even knowing this, I was still a little more sure I knew the ending of this video.  Enjoy, and send me any videos you come across that make the average person look just a little smarter.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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