I Have Never Been A Soccer Fan Til Now

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This year is the first year both my sons didn’t both play soccer. This means I only had to sit through one soccer game each Saturday.  Good thing I live in San Diego and I was able to catch some rays while watching the game.  Every once and a while the coach would ask me to help and be the side line judge and I would have to walk back and forth carrying the stupid flag and signal who’s ball it was when the ball was kicked out of bounds. Thanks Tom and Gary for that.   Half the time I wasn’t even watching the game and would just point the flag. I must have done well because nobody complained and they kept asking me to work the side lines.  Well today my boy Art sends me this soccer video and I said to myself oh here we go again.. Someone trying to convince me that soccer is a great game.  Well after watching this video I will say I am more interested in soccer than ever before. Thanks for opening my eyes Art.   Also love the song playing to this video..

John is a badass motha fucka

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