I Hate Akon, But This Remake Is OK

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I have said for a while now that this little shit, Akon, has ruined rap with his stupid voice box shit.  Bring back swear words and bad ass mutha fuckers.  What happened to NWA, DRE, IceCube, IceT, DMX, Obbie Tryce, 50 Cent, WuTang and Lloyd Banks?   Bring them back and put a cap in Akon’s ass.  Music on the radio is basically un-bearable at this moment and I am stuck listening to AM or playing my I-Pod. It’s a good thing it isn’t  stuck on replay, right you fagot Akon? Another thing is this;  I have nothing against fat people.  Some people are born to be skinny and others fat.  And then there is me…..I am ripped like a Brazilian swimsuit model. These chicks in this video are just ridiculous.  Iceberg@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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