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Human Beat Box

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human beat boxThis is from AZ’s finest one of our newest contributors.  I am amazed at the video below and can’t believe it is really coming from his mouth at times. 
Beatboxing has always fascinated me.  Vocal percussion is truly an art form if you know how to do it well and  I find myself  imagining, what other “talents” a person might possess when they have that much control of their tongue and lips. ( I am squirming in my seat watching this guy)  I think my earliest memory of seeing somebody create noises this way came from watching those “Police Academy” movies with my parents in the mid-1980’s. Anyone interested in learning how to flex their oral muscles can check out  HUMAN BEAT BOX (yup, there are actual workshops that teach you techniques when learning Standard Beatbox Notation). For those of us who just enjoy watching others do their thing, there are videos like this one of French beatboxer Eklips working his magic at the mic.  ~Az’s Finest

John is a badass motha fucka

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