How Can You Not Love Debo?

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Is Debo  the ultimate bad guy or villain in a movie? I am not talking Bat Man and Robin villains, but more of the meatball-bully in the movie.  There was the one kid back in the late 80’s that played the roll real well- you know him, the blonde kid in Back to School, Chaz Osborne and he was the bully in Karate Kid, Johnny.  I think he might have even been in Revenge of the Nerds, but not sure?  He played the roll really well and had a certain attitude and look. I think Debo should get the nod of just plain bad ass bully though.  Debo didn’t talk much; he just showed up and was the ultimate, intimidating bully.  Check out this video of some of Debo’s best moments.  Who do you think is the ultimate bad guy in a movie/movies?   TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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