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We met up with hottie Ashley Michelle for a photoshoot and interview…


San Diego meet hottie Ashley Michelle or better know as @hellinheelsxo.

Where are you from?

I grew up all over California – from the SF Bay Area down to San Diego. Right now I’m living in the Temecula area, but that might change soon!

Tell me about your job/work.

Currently I am a student. I’m working on my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. And of course modeling! Recently I go-go danced at Bar Sinister in LA and that was a blast! Before that I worked the front desk of a tattoo shop, worked at Hustler in Gaslamp (my favorite job ever!), and did hair for a while. I’m a bit of a chameleon!

What are your turn-ons and turn-offs?

Turn ons would definitely be intelligence, wit, spontaneity, passion, and masculinity. I would have to say turn offs would be along the lines of having no humility (you have to be able to admit you don’t know something, or that you’re scared, or that you’re not the best), pretentiousness, and not being open to new ideas.

How would you describe yourself?

That’s a hard one! I would have to say first and foremost, I am passionate. When I enjoy something or someone, I put my soul into them. Without passion, we would have nothing, so that is very important to me. I am very shy at first, and I’m a huge worrier. But I’m always down for an adventure. I love being outside, making art, cooking. I’m all over the place!


Favorite food and why?

Tacos – because you can put anything in them! And obviously donuts – sugary fried sprinkle circles.

What’s your favorite spot to go out with your girls in San Diego? Do you hit the town Friday nights or are you more of a homebody?

I’m more of a stay in kind of person. But on the rare occasions I do go out, I love Bar Pink in North Park (a cute, bubbly lounge with pink elephants on the wall), Vin De Syrah in Gaslamp (a beautiful Alice in Wonderland themed lounge with Burlesque shows), and Cabo Cantina’s in Pacific Beach (amazing Mexican food and margaritas as big as your face).

Who’s got the best California Burrito in town?

I may be the only person in California who’s never had one!





What catches your eye in a guy first?

Hair, eyes, teeth, hands, shoes. I’m also like a subconscious scanning process!



Have you ever been surfing?  Are you interested in learning?

I haven’t. I’m honestly terrified of being out on the water. I have an irrational fear of giant squids.

Where are you sexier, Friday night in a black dress or Sunday morning in an over sized t shirt?

Well, they are two entirely different types of sexy so it’s hard to say! I think I’ll have to let everyone else decide.

Songs/Groups that put you in the mood to have some fun?

Anything on the Bebe Rhexa station on Pandora.

Catch a man looking at your neckline, do you call him out with “eyes up here” or no worries for time offender?

Honestly, I’m usually off in my own little world and I don’t really notice. But if someone is being really obvious or rude, I’ll shoot the, “Cut the shit, buddy,” look real quick.

Do you have tan lines?

Sometimes, especially from shooting! I’ll get some funky ones from different outfits.

Speaking of your modeling, whats the craziest shoot you have done?

I love to shoot. Its exciting and I get to dress up. The craziest shoot had to be with photographer @splooshee.  Every time we shoot together craziness happens.  Either the cops come, or we are sneaking into buildings or rooftops to get the shot.  A few weeks ago we snuck into the Hotel Del Coronado for a shoot.  There are so many hidden spots in that hotel and amazing decor.  I got undressed for the shoot right there in the hallway and secret rooms of the hotel. It was exciting and though we were going to get caught the entire time.  We almost did a few times but we got the shot.

Movies that have you laugh out loud?

Step Brothers. The best, by far.

You have an amazing body so I just have to ask because I would love to be a fly on your shower wall. When you get out of the shower do you just stand in front of the mirror and smile and say damn, I am blessed? If not, what part of your body do you wish you could change?

On occasion I’ll spend a little extra time looking at myself, like when I’ve really been working out. If I could change anything, I would get my weight back up to 140 and have all my muscle back!

Do you have a special work out routine you follow to stay in this kind of shape?

I love lifting. My trainer, Stephen Correa, owner of Twin Anchors Fitness, writes my programs for me. So luckily all I have to do is what he says, which means a lot of squatting and deadlifting.


What would a guy have to do or say to make you blush?

It would have to be something witty. Charm doesn’t work for me, but humor does

Where would a guy meet up with on your day off or night out?

Day off would have to be the gym and to get food. Night out would probably be getting a to-go order and

eating it on the couch watching movies and smoking blunts!

What do you find attractive that most women don’t?

I’ve noticed that a lot of women now like very clean-cut, pristine men. I tend to prefer men that are a little

more on the rugged side.

Have any tattoos/piercings you can’t see with clothes on?

Not yet!

Do you sleep in PJ’s , tee shirt and panties or naked?

Naked. I like to have a lot of blankets instead.

Sports fan? If so, what is your favorite team?

Occasionally I’ll watch Supercross, UFC, or Moto GP with my dad, but I don’t follow any of them enough to have a favorite.

Thong, granny panties or bootie shorts?

Thongs and booty shorts

Simpsons or Family Guy?

Bob’s Burgers all the way.

Tell me a joke…

What do you call a deer with no eyes? No-idear! That’s my signature joke. I only have 7.



Thanks Ashley.  If you like Ashley and you want to see more photos go check out and her instagram @hellinheelsxo.  

Photographed by our photographer @splooshee

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