Heat vs Mavs Series has Ripened into a True Classic

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We are now heading to game six and the dream team from Miami have their backs up against the wall. The Dallas Mavericks lead the series three games to two and the storied career of Dirk Nowitzki is it at the verge of reaching its pinnacle. The match-up is a classic rivalry between the veterans and the young guns, strategy vs raw talent, experience vs flash, and basically blue vs red.
In Game 1, Miami shut up all the naysayers and won on the hand of Lebron James. In Game 2, The Mavs sent a message to the world that they were not going away without a fight as Nowitzki scored 24 points and took down 11 rebounds. In the highly anticipated Game 3, Miami went into Dallas’s home, turned up the heat and the Mavs got burned. In Game 4, Dallas showed their resiliency and that the previous game was just in aberration. Dallas’s veteran leadership refused to believe that their “window of opportunity” had closed. In Game 5, Jason “the jet” Terry sent Dallas fans home with two clutch threes down the stretch that put them up 3 games to 2 on the seven-game series.
Lebron James and company are going back to Miami demoralized. Miami has the better all-around players but they can’t find a formulaic strategy to contain Dallas’s scoring threats. Dallas has called on a different team mate each night to become a hero. Miami’s hero is Lebron James and so far he has folded under the pressure. Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Mike Bibby are capable of clutch performances but the basketball gods will not allow James to touch that coveted trophy until he legitimately earns it.
Going into the Game 6, the focus is where it has been for the last five years. Will Lebron James’s loud-mouth momentum leave him standing outside the door to the promised land or will the sporting world be witness to the next coming of a Micheal-Jordan-type of game-changer. James has the physical tools but does he have the genuine determination? Nowitzki vs James, who’s will heart will beat harder, who will shine brighter and who wants it more? ~Tony Fantano¬† Tony@RollinSD.com

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