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He Wants What?

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So, my girlfriend comes over and is super upset with her husband.  She ‘caught’ him looking at this picture (btw-I found my boyfriend checking out some pretty graphic shots while he was supposed to be doing our taxes, if you ask me this is nothing!) and she’s hurt.  She begins to describe the argument they have; the husband tells her this girl is hot and that he would dig it if he came home to her in the kitchen like this.  So she goes off; I don’t look even close to her, we have kids, how can I walk around in the kitchen like this…on…and on….and on….and on….ok, you get it.  My advice was this – let’s be real, your husband is no damn Brad Pitt and I’m willing to bet he’s not as well endowed as good ole’ Ron, either.  I point this out because it’s not necessarily about if we look like the girl in the picture to a guy.  OK, maybe it is a little bit, but ultimately, he wants the fantasy and fun from you!   This guy actually wanted it to be her in his fantasy (how stoked would any guy be if the wife or g/f was waiting for them in the kitchen like this??) but got shot down by being called a perv. I say, throw a dog a bone and don’t make him beg for it!  Guys are pretty easy to figure out and the A number one way to help them be stress free, cooperative and happy is to make sure they get it regularly.  It’s an easy formula! You’d be surprised what gets done around the house when he’s getting even a taste!

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