Have You Ever Been This Drunk?

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RollinSD posted this video many moons ago and I was on Twitter today and people were posting on have you ever and someone actually posted the RollinSD link.  Props to Ted Schred for getting the word out there that RollinSD kicks some serious ass.  That you need to check the site a few times a day for your daily does of humor and basically just good shit.  Now check out this video… The guy is totally harmless and just has had too much to drink. This will make its way around the world a few times and I want to help speed up the process.  This flip flop has foot and hand repellent on it – I think it is a trick flip flop.  I love how he is stuck in on the grass and can’t reach his flip flop. Then, some kids just gives it a flick with his foot to help the poor guy out. Its almost  like when you walk outside and see a snail crawling across your driveway and he is right in the middle; you just pick him up and give him  a toss to the plants. I want to know what he was drinking, how much and what time he started.  The great thing about this guy is he is a happy drunk and not causing any problems. I drink like a champ and can drink with the best of them. I have been drunk a million times in my life, but nothing like this guy.  I wish someone interviewed him.  Would love to hear him try to talk.    TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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