Greatest Soccer Celebration Ever?

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If you had to rate soccer celebrations after a goal this would have to be one of the top. I can say this with confidence, even though I have only seen maybe 5 goals in soccer in my life time.  I can remember Mia Hamm scoring a goal and ripping her shirt off and sliding across the field, but that is a chick.  I understand a goal is a huge event in soccer and think the teams should be a little more creative when scoring, so I am giving these guys props.   It would be one thing if the teams scored 5 goals each and they had a ton of these.  Each team should hire someone to come up with something unique to do after they score a goal.  I can’t imagine a team scoring more than 15 goals a season so how tough could it be?  Maybe I am on to something..  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com Send me a better celebration in any sport and win a RollinSD t-shirt.

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