Gotta Love The Drunk Chick At A Wedding.

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At every wedding there is someone who is an amateur when it comes to drinking and makes a complete ass of themselves. I think their friends know it is happening and let it; it takes the attention off themselves.  You can see from the beginning this girl is in trouble.  A big one who can’t handle her booze spells trouble with a capital T.  Just look at the bride giving her looks in the video.  Then check out the band. What is up with their gear and what the hell are they playing?  This video is right out of a movie, but I didn’t expect what happened at the end at all.  After watching 30 seconds of the video hit pause and write down your top 3 guesses as to what will happen. I bet nobody even comes close.  This girl will never be forgotten by anyone at this wedding and now the video will be sent around to keep reminding everyone who was there. I need  a favor. Using the tabs on the bottom of the post please either email this to all your friends asking them to forward it to friends or post this on your facebook. I want this to get back to people at the wedding and I know with all your help we can make it happen.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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