Good Or Bad Song?

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Let me start by telling you the name of the song.  It is, Suck My Dick, by DJ Valentino and wow!  It caught my attention.  A reader sent it to me today saying, you are going to love this song TMTMTL. It is perfect for the site and the readers will love it.  I am going to tell you now Josh, I don’t love the song although, I do love the title and think the song has tons of potential. I guess if I was trippin’ or should I say Rollin’ on E, the song would be cool, but that’s also like saying getting a massage expecting a happy ending, to only have the girl play with your balls a bit. The song starts off solid but really never goes anywhere.  It has a great tease and beat to it but again it leaves me with blue balls. So Josh thanks for sending this in and I am not ripping on you, but let’s try another song and see what I think. So Rollers what do you think?  Does this song leave you satisfied and ready to fall asleep like a good BJ would or does it leave you with blue balls tossing and turning?  I can’t sleep.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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