Golfers Swing Causes A Fire……

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I have played golf for many years and still pretty much suck.  I know the new titanium drivers will spark when hitting a rock or sand, but come on.  When we play late and it’s getting dark we always laugh at the sparks, even at our age.  I have never seen  a spark more than a millimeter in size.  There is no way a spark from this guys driver caused a fire unless he was hitting a driver out of dry grass in a canyon and if that is the case, charges should be filed because he’s an idiot. I am thinking the guy was lighting up a cigar or even walked off  into the canyon to light up a joint. There is no way he did it with his driver! I have a better chance of having a threesome with Pam Anderson and Jenna Jamison and both looking up at me and telling me I have a giant cock.   You tell me what you think.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Golfer’s swing sparks 25-acre California blaze

By Jay Busbee

You can use a golf club for all kinds of non-golfy purposes — walking stick, fishing rod, club, to name three. And now we can add to that list — firestarter.

Over the weekend, a golfer’s routine swing in the rough at the Shady Canyon Golf Course in Irvine, Calif., struck a rock. Not so different from the way you play, right? Only this time, the impact caused a spark, and the spark set off a blaze that eventually covered 25 acres, according to the Steven Buck, General Manager of Shady Canyon Golf Course, and required the efforts of 150 Orange County firefighters, writes the Associated Press.

Wow. And I felt bad the time I shanked a ball through the window of a house too close to the fairway. That was nothing compared to this!

The golfer’s name is being withheld, which is probably for the best, and no charges are going to be filed. Fortunately, it all could have been much worse. As it was, the blaze required both helicopters and on-the-ground crews.

The conditions were ripe for a blaze, with dry brush from a recent heat wave just waiting for the right spark. Like, say, one caused by metal on rock.

And now, your turn. This is going to inspire a raft of bad Sportscenter-esque “When we say he set the course on fire, he really set the course on fire!” jokes. So let’s get ahead of the curve. Best bad golf-and-fire-related pun in the comments wins a round of applause. Go!

Photo credit: Thanks to Zach Bates

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