Golf World – Please Get Off Your High Horse

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Tiger Woods spits on a green, and the golf world goes nuts.  So what if Tiger Woods spits on a green during at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic.  Is this news worthy? I don’t think so, but I received videos that were being circulated around the internet, watched the media covering this and everyone giving him a hard time.   I think Tiger throwing up on himself the last 5+ holes is news worthy but not him spitting on a green.   The PGA Tour is having a tough time with sponsors now and is losing it popularity among the viewing audiences.  There are several reasons that contribute to this…. One, is that the players seem to be above everyone.  They don’t have a ton of personality and seem to be snobs.   The tour needs more John Dalys. Or, even Bill Murray like at yesterdays Pebble Beach.  Get over yourself guys.  The new young guns like Fowler and a few others seem to get this.  They seem to be having fun out there and are starting to dress with a little flair and style.   Who the hell is Ewen Murray?  Just the name sounds like an English A-Hole who is sitting around his house drinking tea in his bathrobe.    In the video below, you see Tiger Woods spitting on the green and you can you can barely hear the audible on this one. This is what the pompous ass announcer Ewen Murray says, “Disgusting, what has he just done there.  There are some parts of him that are just arrogant and petulant. Somebody now has to come behind him and maybe putt over his spit. It does not get much lower than that.”  Ewen, are you kidding me?  So he spit on the green and it is in Dubai and windy as hell and warm as hell;  I am sure it evaporated in a matter of seconds.   It is people like Ewen who are the problem with golf.  Not guys like Tiger Woods who slept with who knows how many porn stars and hookers. If it wasn’t for Tiger Woods being in the tournament, nobody would even talk about the event.  The European PGA wants to fine Tiger for the event.  Are you kidding me?  You should be kissing his ass for doing this and bringing attention to the event. The US PGA and European Tour both owe everything they have today to Mr. Woods. For the A-Hole providing the commentary in this video and the European Tour fining him, is a joke. Hey Ewen, ever watch football?  Not soccer, but real football, where men strap on pads and hit each other.  They swear at each other, spit all the time, pick their noses and sometimes they don’t even shave.   I bet you find that appalling.   Golf is a great sport and has so much potential to grow but they need to make it fun for the younger kids. I am not saying make it the NBA where every players has tats up and down their arms and neck, but lets not let this A-Hole, Ewen, be any part of the game.  What kind of a name is Ewen anyways?    TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Watch this video and tell me if you are offended by what Tiger does.

John is a badass motha fucka

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