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Professional golfers truly are amazing.  Many people think they just get up there and hit the ball and get lucky.  That they are really not looking to land the ball in an area on the green or fairway the size of a manhole cover.  Most of us who golf don’t like to practice and when we do practice he really don’t practice.  We may go out with a few friends and grab a bucket and a few beers.  Start off by hitting a few wedge shots and really trying to hit them to a specific area.  Then after 15 swings we can’t help it an go right to the driver and try to hit the ball farther than any person on the range.  The pros do not practice like that. They actually hit each shot on the range as if they were playing in a tourney.  The go through their pre-shot routine and then hit the ball.  I remember a few years back at Torrey Pines at the Buick. I was there on a Wednesday night on the range and watching the guys practice. I couldn’t believe how focused they were. Then Davis Love III said to another player let’s see who can hit the 200 yrd flag.  First one for $500.  The guy took the bet and they both went at it.  The other guy won after hitting maybe 12 balls.  This is the kind of skills these guys have.   Now watch this video and you may think it is fake, but believe me it is real. If I hasn’t seen Davis Love III bet the other guy about hitting the 200 yard flag I might have thought this was fake.  Now go out there and shoot 93 and have some fun guys.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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