Golden State Warriors, The Only NBA Team That Represents SD

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Here in San Diego at the bottom of the Golden State, we don’t really have much to root for in the National Basket Association. A lot of people have jumped on the Lakers bandwagon over the years. The Laker followers in San Diego have to realize that they are cheering on the heritage of another city that disrespects and overshadows their hometown. The Clippers are a really fun team to watch and are a great alternative for fans that don’t believe in buying championships. The Clippers, still sadly carry the name of Los Angeles and are part of that city’s legacy.
The Golden State Warriors represent California which (just in case you don’t know the geography) extends from Eureka all the way down to San Diego’s southern border.The Warriors are a gritty bunch of kids with mission to steal wins from the giants of the NBA. Stephan Curry plays the game with a sweet shot and makes passes that create opportunities. Monta Ellis is determined to get the rock in the hoop and averages at least twenty five points a game. David Lee, Dorell Wright and Andres Biedrens are the big bodies that get the job done in the paint. Golden State is the ultimate underdog and they don’t get much respect around the league which reminds me how San Diego teams are treated by the national media.
I do understand that they play in Oakland, but if you really look at it, their colors are blue and gold. They have Charger colors and not only that. One of their logos had a bolt on it.
The other night while defeating the Milwakee Bucks 100-94, Curry might have tossed up the longest alley-oop in the history of basketball. The kid has flair people. Check it out here.

San Diego NBA fans should root for whichever team they like, but if they are looking for a team that represents them, look at Golden State. Warriors keep grinding on the hardwood to earn victories and thanks for representing California
By Tony Fantano

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