German BMW Ad For Pre-Owned Cars

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Now this is advertising.  I am hoping some of the moms at my son’s school see this and get all pissed off.  Why would they get pissed off? I don’t know, maybe because they have nothing better to do than worry about what other people are doing.  This is effective advertising and it should be brought to the US.  Don’t worry about the fatties who will be offended by this. They are driving mini vans anyways and won’t be looking at a BMW.  Come on US, wake up and stop being so politically correct.  Everyone is afraid of offending others these days.  What about the right to free speech and speaking what is on your mind. I am not saying to be out right mean and pick on people.  We are all different and advertisers should be able to target each market with different ads.  So who agrees with me here?  Everyone has heard the saying.  For every hot girl single girl there is a guy out there who dumped her.

John is a badass motha fucka

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