Finally a real baseball fight

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I have written in the past that baseball fights are the worst thing in sports. Nobody ever does a thing.  The benches and bull pens clear and everyone stands around checking each other out.  Today I am at lunch and my son Michael calls me and says, ‘Dad you have to see this fight.  Morgan got tossed and it was awesome.’  Thanks Michael for calling this to my attention.   I am retracting my statement from a month ago.   Nyjer Morgan of the Nationals charging the mound last night actually changed my opinion of baseball fights.  I have seen many videos out there, but this one sets the stage. It tells more about  the baseball mentality of throwing at batters.  When he first charges the mound I said to myself,  OK, here comes a big act and nothing will happen, but  Chris Volstad stands up and calls him out.   Then Boom! Gaby Sanchez comes out of nowhere and close-lines Morgan.   I mean he….takes…..him…..out. (watch to the very end when they show it in slow motion)  I want to see this guy in pads on the football field.  Then I read a quote from him,  “I just wish I had gotten there sooner so Chris wouldn’t have had to do a thing. I also would have had a little better angle.”  I would have loved to see him hit him harder from a better angle. Then a real fight breaks out.  It actually was more of an ass kicking by the whole Marlins team.  Morgan showed the team up and they all retaliated by kicking his ass and in my opinion he deserved it.  Finally – a good baseball fight.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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