Funny and Annoying At The Same Time

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I hooked up with a chick like this in college.  She was hot and it took me a while to hook up with her. I can still remember right after we got down…. she was just as annoying as this chick is. She started tickling me, rubbing my hair, saying, ‘Wasn’t that awesome??’  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I wanted so badly to just stand up and say I am out of here.  Problem was to this day she still has the best set of tits and ass I have ever seen…   So I put up with it for a few more sessions and weeks and then couldn’t deal with it. I first thought it was maybe a one time thing, but no.  Then I started thinking someone was video taping us and I was on candid camera, but not.  Then I just realized she was mental and so fucking annoying.  This video really shows the differences between men and women.  Although it might be a bit exaggerated, it brings up a good point. After sex men want very little – they either want to go to sleep or be left alone to plan the next day of hanging with guys.  I even remember after the first time hooking up with that chick thinking about how I could now get her roommate naked.  After sex g, women get all lovey and touchy feely, the exact thing men do not want.     Does anyone else think this chick looks like Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy’s daughter 20 years from now?   If you have an annoying chick story (or guy story) send it my way.  Would love to post it and make comments.   Iceberg@RollinSD.com

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