Friday Song Of The Day- Reanimation by Blackalicious

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Today’s Song is Reanimation by Blackalicios and sent if from AJ Doyle of Point Loma.  He likes the upbeat and funky groove.  Says it always gets him in a good mood.  Blackalicious is from Sacramento and are noted for their complex multi-syllallic rhymes.  They are a combination of fusion of funk, hip-hop and soul and have a very unique sound.  This is an impressive group with three albums, the lastest one being  “The Craft” in 2005.   Give them a listen and let AJ know what you think.  I think the song kicks ass and I hope we hear more from these guys soon.  If you have something you think is worthy of the Rollin viewers send it my way.  ~Tom Searcy  Tom@RollinSD.com

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