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Flashlight Machine Gun by Magpul

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magpulNow here is something I would like to be able to purchase.  Would love to be able to go walking the dog at night with my flashlight machine gun.  If you to would like to be able to do this then check out the FMG-9 by Magpul.  I know is says it is only a concept, but you know they are making these for sale right now.  My wife walks the dog often an night and always brings a baseball bat or golf club.  She doesn’t bring them to protect herself from a person but to protect her and the dog from Coyotes.   It seems like every week or so there is a report of a dog being taken off a leash by a coyote in our neighborhood.  This flashlight machine gun might be a little overboard but you these coyote’s come out of nowhere and run way faster than you think.  This little guy fits right in your back pocket if you are not using it as a flash light and then can quickly be turned into a machine gun.  This FMG-9 by Magpul is truly awesome.  The kid in the video needs to talk a tiny bit slower.. if the gun shoots as fast as he talks it would be sick.

John is a badass motha fucka

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