Fathers Day

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To all the fathers out there – read this and let me know if you relate. I am a father of 3 and love my wife and kids.  This is a day for us, right?  Well, my wife asked me Wednesday night what I wanted for Fathers Day.  I told her nothing and she said come on you have to want something.  So I told her I would think about it and get back to her.  I did some deep soul searching yesterday and came up with what I wanted.  So last night we are finishing dinner and she said so what did you come up with.  I very smoothly said, Well I talked to Chris, Steve and Brian (all single guys) and I thought it would be cool to meet them in PB at the Broken Yolk for breakfast, have some good food and a few mimosa’s.  Then head over to play 18 holes of golf in the late morning.  After golf have a few drinks and then head home and have dinner with you and the kids.  I wish I had my cell phone camera ready to take a photo of what her face looked like when I said this.   It looked something like this

for 20 seconds and then her draw dropped and out came this.   “Are you serious?  No, absolutely not.  That doesn’t include us until late in the afternoon.”

Ok, guys I should have known when she asked me what I wanted to do that it was actually a rhetorical question.  I should have also known that it was a planned multiple choice question in disguise.  I knew her response was coming, but I thought I would give it a shot.   So I come back with, “What about on Mothers Day when I got you the 4 hours at the Spa for you and your mom?  That didn’t include us until late int the afternoon.”   Her response was, “I know, but I was with my mother”  I guess she had me there, but still she was doing what she wanted.   What I am trying to say guys is, when asked what you want make sure you ask first, what are my options.  I have been getting the emails for years about having a male Valentines Day and having it be called Steak and Blow Job Day and am really going to start to push for it.  Women when you ask a guy what he wants be prepared for a real answer.  When asking if your ass looks fat in the jeans you have on expect a fake answer.  If you have to ask- then yes it does look fat in the jeans you have on.   So to all the married men out there have a great Fathers Day and hopefully some of you can get an early round of golf in with the guys, come home sit on the couch and suck back a few cold ones and watch the US Open and maybe end the night with a steak and a blow job.   PS.  I am going to Sea World if anyone wants to meet me there.  Aren’t I lucky.

Send me what you are doing for Fathers Day and I will post the best of the best. TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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