Fan of Mascots?

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I have never been a fan of Mascots.  They remind me of clowns and actually freak me out a little bit.  The baseball mascots are stupid but do entertain the crowd. I will tip my hat to the San Diego Chicken from years past.  He was legit and a rebel amongst mascots.  In this day and age I am thinking the mascot needs to go away. Well, I thought this until I saw this video.  Bango is sick, watch this stunt!  He makes the dunk and I still have no clue how he doesn’t break his neck when he falls.  This guy must be all jacked up on Vicodin and Oxy or something.  Either way, he is the man. I sleep on my side wrong and I can’t walk for days. This guy does flips and lands on his head and he just runs down the court fist pumping his team. You just know the cheerleaders are thinking to themselves, ‘This guy has some skills, what do you think he is like in the sack?? Screw the players and all their money, I want some of him for a bit and then will settle to be spoiled by a player.’  TMTMTL

Now, the above video was of a sick stunt, but this video is what teams should play before they take the court or field.  The adult crowd wants this and not some stupid green monster with a  trumpet nose running around feeling up all the little 10 yr old girls.   Who is going to be the relief pitcher that has this playing when he comes out of the bullpen?

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