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Now this could be cool.. I love the idea of taking a photo of a chick at the beach and uploading it to my Facebook page and Face Book telling me who she is.  Maybe Facebook can  also automatically send her a friend request for me, ask her out on a date and make a dinner reservation.  I few weeks back I posted  Not Getting All Your News Feeds On Facebook which went over a change Facebook had made that not  many people knew about. For those who went in and changed their setting you noticed you are now seeing all your friends posts.  Thank me later.   So tell me if you think this face recognition is good or bad.  Is Facebook becoming big brother? They have a database of over 500 Million people and now they are incorporating face recognition to all the photos they have in their database.  Shit I thought CSI Miami was fake before.  Now the show is only going to be a 15 minute show.  The annoying redhead will now just get a description of the criminal,  plug it into Facebook and boom, crime solved.  Do you think he will friend request him before heading over to his house for the bust?   Could this be the end to all the shitty crime shows?  Hopefully it will help eliminate all the reality shows though.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Facebook Facial Recognition Could Get Creepy

Megan Geuss Megan Geuss Tue Apr 26, 9:00 pm ET

In early April, Engadget posted a short article confirming a rumor that Facebook would be using facial recognition to suggest the names of friends who appeared in newly uploaded photos. You’d be allowed to opt out of tagging, and only friends would be able to tag each other in albums. Nevertheless, a commenter beneath the story quipped, “Awesome! Now I can take pictures of cute girls at the grocery store or at the park, upload them and Facebook will tell me who they are! (I’m pretty sure that’s not [how] it works but I’m sure it will get there.)”

The commenter’s confidence says a lot: Facial recognition may be just one more way for Facebook to push the visual part of the social graph (photos of us) toward being more public and far less private. Facebook has a history of asking for forgiveness after the fact instead of asking for permission in advance, and its new face-recognition feature could become the latest example of a seemingly innocuous development morphing into a serious threat to the privacy of our (visual) data. And as usual, some Facebook users will like the convenience of the new features so much that they will forget the privacy trade-off altogether, or just choose not to worry about it.

Features You Didn’t Know You Had

As it stands, Facebook’s current feature uses facial recognition technology to pick out faces in your photos. Once you’ve uploaded your album, Facebook will take you to a new screen where you can enter the name of each person below their face. Sometimes (depending on your privacy settings and the clarity of the photo), Facebook will go a step further: If a face matches one you previously tagged in another album, Facebook may suggest that person’s name for you. Facebook quietly added the feature to the Privacy Settings, allowing users to disable the peppy-sounding ‘Suggest photos of me to friends’ option. Most Facebook users probably don’t know that the extra privacy setting is there.   FULL STORY

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