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Two things happened recently that is great news for the PGA. One happened yesterday with Rory McIlroy running away with the 2011 US Open.  Not only did he win by 8 shots but it is just how he did it. This is not the local pitch and putt you see on some of the weekly PGA Tour stops. This is supposed to be the toughest four days of golf they will play all year and he rips off a 16 under par and did it like it was nothing. Anytime someone made a shot it was like Rory looked at his caddy and said oh yeah, wait til they see this shot.   The guy was nails and bounced back from a Greg Norman like choke at the Masters.    Tiger Woods who?  That is right.  If this kid keeps it up they will not be talking about Tiger Woods falling from the top of the ranking but talking about just how long it will take Rory McIlroy to break Jack Nicholas’s majors record.   This kid is the real deal and golf needed a shot in the arm like this.  The 2nd thing that was huge for golf this past week is the new Farmers Commercial that came out.  For too long golfers have been looked at as stuffy conceited pricks.  You know why there were thought of as this?  Because they were. Now there is a new breed on tour and they are not taking themselves too seriously and having fun playing the game they love. You have Rickie Fowler wearing his bright colored gear each week, Bubba Watson ripping 350 yard drives and doing it with a smile on his face and still talking to his playing partner, Hunter Mahan out there with a smile on his face and talking to the crowd and Benn Crane out here again having fun throwing up birdie after birdie. These are not the golfers from the past and I am not talking from a talent standpoint. Their game is as good as any of their predecessors, but they have a new attitude and that is what is so refreshing.   Sure Phil Michelson and Tiger Woods have great swings and can make a ton of birdies but they also bore me to death.  They are too serious and don’t look like they are having fun when they are out there on the course.   What about Davis Love III.  Watching this guys facial expressions is as interesting as watching paint dry.  Tiger was great for the game because it really brought it to the forefront.  I played golf in High School and College and people laughed at me. It was not a cool thing to play but now it is. And with these new guns out there playing the way the do but also putting out commercials like this instead of the crap we have had to endure over the years we are much better for it. I will admit I don’t always like watching them play because I can’t even come close to doing what they do but knowing now these guys are not all full of themselves really helps me to relate to them more. Props to the new generation on PGA players and for bringing the fun back into golf.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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