Ever Had That Oh Sh*t Moment

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I think we have all had them and I think I have them more than others.  This weekend I was doing some shopping at Vons and let’s just say I had a few beers in me.  What should have taken me 15 minutes took me 40 minutes and I think that might have been because I drank 3 of the Blue Moons in my six pack before I got to the counter to pay (this way the 3 empty beers would go unnoticed).  I think I am being all slick and go to the self check out.  All is going well until I realize I bought bananas and I had to type in a code for them. This is when I started to sweat and panic.  I could only find the dam organic bananas on the chart and finally just yelled help on aisle 9 with bananas.  This nice older woman came up and helped me out and explained there is a giant code right in front of me for the bananas.  So where is my oh shit moment?  The oh shit moment happens about 30 min after I get home.  My wife asks if I got the sodas and I said,  “Oh shit, no I forgot, I will run back out and get them now”  I am searching for my cell phone and realize I left it at Vons on the self check out counter while trying to figure out the bananas.  Then the Oh Shit panic sets in.  My whole life is in that phone, if I don’t find it what am I going to do.  Well, the happy ending to my story was the nice lady who helped me with the bananas, had my phone and was laughing at me when I came back in to get it.  I think the guy in the video had a bit of a worse Oh Shit moment than I did though.  Email me your Oh Shit moments and I will add them to this post.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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