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At our night at House of Blues we were lucky enough to sit down with Evan Hawkins from Through the Roots and get some info on the band and their upcoming nationwide tour. Evan gave us a great interview and we learned a lot about the upcoming tour that is kicking off in San Diego on April 16 at the Wavehouse.  RollinSD will be there!

What is your favorite venue in San Diego?

Soma. Because the Capacity and I like the energy level of that place just cuz you can fit so many people in there and it’s a good vibe, I don’t know it’s good times It’s all ages and super fun.

You played a set with Tribal Seeds at Tribute are you guys cool with them, do you hang out?

Tribal Seeds are our boys we’ve know them for awhile they’ve helped us out we’ve helped them out real friendly those are our boys you know so ya we’re super cool they just asked me to do that last song vampire and go out there to throw a little verse. We’re hittin’ the road with them coming up soon from the 20th til June 6th or something like that. We’re going on a nationwide tour it’s going to be our full first nationwide, out to the east coast and everything so it’s going to be a blast being like two San Diego bands hittin the road like that and they are growing, growing rapidly and have been for awhile getting more and more established from touring with all the bigger bands, it’s going to be a pleasure and we’re so grateful to be able to go on the road with them

San Diego born and raised?

Actually our keyboard player Brady is from the Big Island he’s from Hilo. He was born there and Brian was born in Hawaii but he’s been raised in San Diego so and Taylors from Forida. He’s from Pensacola, moved out here and was raised here. And then Chris, I actually went to high school with, Chris and our drummer Taylor.

We saw you at Wavehouse, how was it playing with Alborosie?

Honestly that guy is one of my favorite artist’s cuz like I love that heavy, heavy style that he has, heavy flow, rooted for sure. He talks about a lot of like real important real conscious stuff so it’s good.

Who are your influences?

I grew up listening to metal and like I don’t know rap pretty much rap and metal but I used to go to hardcore shows all throughout like the end of middle school and beginning of high school at soma so being able to play at soma is kinda like cool because I used to go watch Atreyu and Avenged Sevenfold all those bands and that’s why I kinda like that place too I guess because its cool to be able to see all those bands there and go up there and be able to play on that stage you know I never would have thought that back in the day but yeah steel pulse big influence UB40 I grew up on bob Marley and UB40 my mom used to play it all the time when I was growing up, I like Dr Dre he has sick beats, I like maroon 5 I like the guitar, Santana is one of my influences obviously you know for his guitar skills, more the reggae scene steel pulse, Alborosie because of his style for sure, Black Uhuru, obviously like I said Bob Marley and the Wailers.

You guys have upcoming tour thru June back to San Diego?

This one coming up we’re going with Iration for a week and a half or so starting tomorrow and we end that up in Santa Cruz next  weekend and then we have a few days off and we jump on with The Green and we do a little under 20 dates with them I think, pretty much all through Canada and top of nor cal state area, Canada back down to do little bit of Midwest dates and then coming back April 20th, 420 is when we start with tribal seeds, three big bands coming up and that’s going to be huge for us.

Do you do this fulltime or do you have another job besides the band?

I do handyman work just try to hustle make it work you know, but not like a real payroll job. I just sort of do things here and there.  It’s hard to hold down a full time job when you’re doin this, even part time because it’s so sporadic, your schedule.

Do you guys have a pre performance ritual?

All the boys pound fists before we go out. We like to make sure we’re all cool basically get each other ready focus and everything make sure we all feel good.

Evan and Through the Roots can be seen April 16th at the Wavehouse with Tribal Seeds to kick off their Spring Harvest Tour. If you are in town that day its going to be a great show. If you haven’t been to the Wavehouse in San Diego than you should check it out. Killer venue with great shows and the restaurant’s great too. ~Tom Searcy

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