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My name is Ty Holder, I am 27 years old, stand 5’10” tall and weigh about 205lbs.  I train out of Alliance MMA on the corner of 3rd & Kst in Chula Vista, San Diego and study multiple martial arts such as muy thai, jui jitsu and wrestling.  I believe, to fight in MMA now days, you have to have some  good ground skills, good stand up, and the ability to transition from standing to the ground or vice versa.  I am a strong believer in karma; how you live will come back to you in the end.  I was born in San Diego in 1983 and have lived here my whole life. SD has been a great place to grow and and compete in sports.  As a child, I competed in the normal park and rec activities until I reached high school and tried out for football.  This is where I found a passion for contact sports.  I decided to wrestle my senior year at Hilltop High School because I still felt the urge to compete. Well, that’s where I would meet Dean Lister and was introduced to the idea of MMA.  I helped Dean with his wrestling (mostly as a 200lb throwing dummy) until I left for football and he showed me a few cool jui jitsu moves.  After football season, I made a decision.  I wanted to have lots of extra things  and wanted to make some money, so I started working middle management for a labor/payroll company and found myself unhappy just looking forward to the weekend of drinks and partying.  After a couple years of the office rat race I realized my happiness was in athletics and competition and I wouldn’t be happy unless I pursued it further.

I decided to train at Alliance MMA;  it was a legit fight gym opening up 10 minutes from my house. What really helped the decision was Brandon The Truth Vera.  I had worked on my jujitsu and wrestling, but had no stand up skills. ALLIANCE TRAINING VIDEO

I knew Brandon’s stand up was one of the best out there and also realized that I would HAVE to get better if I trained with him.  I’ve been at Alliance for almost 3 years now but was asked at the beginning of this year to train with the fight team.   After a short time training with the fight team, I knew this is what I wanted to do.  People ask all the time how do you get up and keep going to train. That’s usually when I realize I don’t feel the same way about it; I look forward to it and where most people see it as work, I look at it as fun.  I wasn’t a fan of the saying, ONLY THE STRONG WILL SURVIVE, but now see the meaning more then ever.  Not just in the events but  in the training for MMA.  I do believe if you live and train by that quote, it’s impossible to stray from the ultimate goal of being a Champion!

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