Earthquake Hits San Diego

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So I am sitting here at my desk and just cracked my 5th Bud Light for the night.  My computer and desk start shaking.  My son yells from his room, “Holy shit, did you feel that?!?”  Normally I would be mad at him for saying that as he is only 10, but damn, the house was shaking so I gave him a pass.   Just looked it up and it was a 5.9 at the epicenter a few miles south of Ocotillo.   The video is much more exciting than what happened in my house, but still being a West Coast transplant, earthquakes kind of freak me out a bit.  In the video, I feel like I am watching some fat kid walk to the end of the diving board and jump a few times, but he’s afraid to get off the board so he just keeps  going up and down for a while.   Oh well. I will take Earthquakes any day of the week as opposed to  floods, tornado’s and just plain crappy weather the rest of the country experiences all the time.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

An earthquake has been felt in the San Diego area. The USGS website initially reported a 5.9 magnitude earthquake just five miles southeast of Ocotillo, California.

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