Duck Face- You Have To See This Video

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o I was at Happy Hour last week for Cinco De Mayo.  We were at El Torrito for Taco Tuesday……it is actually a pretty good place to look at young hot chicks.  I am watching this group at a table that are celebrating a birthday. They are all taking pictures and going crazy. The girls are all puffing up their lips and making the stupid, “I am on the Jersey Shore” face. My buddy says,  ‘Look they are making the duck face.’ Of course I ask, ‘WTF is that?’  He explained it is when chicks (mostly chicks from New Jersey or NY) puff up their lips for pitctures.   For those that didn’t know about this or have never seen it, thank me later.  This is such a great video and song…. and so true.   Iceberg@RollinSD.com

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