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Drummer Shows Up For Wrong Gig

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crazy drummerThis guy is awesome!  Great song, but I would almost rather watch this video than the real ZZ Top video for Sharp Dressed Man.  This is the reason MTV needs to go back to videos. Great song, but the video makes it just that much better. The whole time I’m watching this, I kept thinking about Will Farrell.  This drummer needs to be featured in more videos and I would pay money to watch this guy play. Which video do you like best?   I know I love the ZZ Top video and the hotties in their slut shoes and skirts, but do they really compare to this drummer?   I just wish the idiot lead singer/guitarist would have stayed out of the video guys way and not blocked the drummer putting  on a  clinic.   Try to find a better drumming video and send it to me.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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