Don’t Touch The Wires

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You know right from the start on this one that it’s not going to turn out right.  I am not saying the guy deserves it, but what the hell are you doing on top of a train? Faking grabbing someone’s hand who is trying to help you down??   Come on bro, be real.  You wanted the attention and have issues.  You were just going to cost the public money by ending up in some state run institution anyway so it would have been best that you just stayed up there.  I don’ t know what the laws are in the country that this occurred, but in the US, he would have been put somewhere and taken care of on the public’s dollar.  Damn, I guess if you have to go it is best to go like this. I have always said if I get killed I don’t want to be scared first.  I don’t want to be chased by Jason in the woods at some summer camp or wake up to find Freddie Krueger standing next to my bed.  Have a sniper from a half mile away shoot me between the eyes or have a meteor hit me in the head.    TMTMTL@RollinSD.com graphic content,  view with care

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