Don’t Mess With This Golfer

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I have played golf for many years and there is one thing I know; some people take golf more seriously than others. I remember an old roommate of mine when I first moved to San Diego.  We would play once a week and I would beat him by 1-2 shots a round.  Then he would go out with a different group and shoot 5 shots better with them. I used to tell him he probably cheated and he responded, “No, I didn’t.  When I play with them they don’t tell jokes, drink beers and smoke cigars while playing.” I looked at him and said, “Then why play?”  Many people are just weekend players and again,  you have the players who take golf way too seriously.  I am not sure which one this guy is. Either way, they both need to have a beer and relax a bit.  What the kid did was kind of funny and I don’t care if I was 2 under, I still would have laughed at this.  So, when messing around on the golf course, you need to beware.  Never mind messing around.  You need to be careful when asking someone if you can play through.  Would love to see the video of the guy asking this twosome if they could play through.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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