Does This Video Make You Want To Buy The Facial Flex?

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I have seen many infomercials and 95% of them want to make me buy the product.  Luckily for me I am normally too drunk to get off the couch to get the phone and place the order.  I must say I did watch this one to the end but became more and more annoyed and also more and more intrigued.  Is this for real?  Volume is a must while watching this video to set the mood.   She states when you turn 30 things start to happen to your body. Things start to shift and change- no shit lady. I don’t think this lady remembers when she was 30.  Maybe she should mix in a tooth brush, a dental visit every 6 months and some teeth whitener.  I think by the time she is done using the Facial Flex the edges of her mouth are actually part of her earlobes.  You need to pause the video at 3:04. I need to know is this when someone inserted the Anal Flex while she was being video taped?  Ouch-a-mundo, WTF?  How about someone gives her something for her eyes and maybe a new hair cut.  This lady is a train wreck.   The good news is that her younger husband who is 57 will get some amazing oral sex after this. I think she can put a bottle 1.75 of vodka in her mouth after her little exercise and am sure her mouth muscles are super strong.  I provided a link above for all of you to go out and buy the Facial Flex now. I don’t know how you can’t after watching this video.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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