Does This Look Like The Face Of…..

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Do these look like the faces of a couple who would duct tape their son to a table?

No, they look like the faces of assholes and people who should be shot.

Police Find Boy Duct Taped, Tied to Table


1:07 PM PDT, April 29, 2010

Police Find Boy Ducted Taped, Tied to Table
CLEVELAND, Ohio — A mother and her boyfriend have been arrested after police find her 8-year-old son tied to a coffee table.    Nuff Said….. you find an 8 yr old tied to a table the story should end in the next sentence.  Couple found guilty and court ordered to have them tied up naked and covered in ground beef with four 100 lb pitbulls chained to their feet. 

According to Cleveland Police, officers responded to a call made from a home on East 50th Street at 1:15 a.m. Thursday morning.

Officers were let into the home by a 15-year-old boy who told officers that his 8-year-old brother was tied to a table in the living room.  Why didn’t this kid untie his brother?

Police say they found the boy on the floor with his hands and feet duct taped behind his back.

The boy had a shoe lace around his neck and feet tying him to a coffee table.   Please give this kid a baseball bat and let him have his way with his parents. 

The boy’s mother Andreia Huffman, 37, and a man in the home, Jason Dunikowski, 32, were arrested for domestic violence and endangering children.  I think she would look good with a beard like Jason has…….

Both Huffman and Dunikowski were asleep in the room when police arrived.  Probably 4 bottles of whisky deep.  Again, back to my question before.  Why didn’t the 15 yr old untie him?  The two idiots were sleeping.

Huffman and Dunikowski are currently being held in the Central Police Unit.

Both have yet to be charged with a crime.

The nine children in the home were taken to the Department of Children and Family Services.

Ok, 9 fucking kids?  Who would have guessed.  Are they also on welfare and receiving food stamps, too?   This lady should be put in jail just for being fat and stupid. I hope these two go to jail for a long time and someone looking like Andreia, but with a spray paint can sized cock has his way with Jason.

The incident is being investigated by Cleveland Police’s sex crimes & child abuse unit.  Stop wasting the tax payers money.  Just put them in jail; or better yet take them out 10 miles into the ocean.  D
Then, drop a shit load of chum in the water and find that Shamu from Florida that killed the girl and have it treat these two like little seals. 

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