Diving Off The Coronado Bridge

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I had a buddy who was leaving Coronado yesterday afternoon and was stuck in horrible traffic.  He said there was someone on the bridge and they were threatening to jump.  I received his recap of the event last night in an email and will share it with you.  Thanks Mr. Rollerson (potentially RollinSD’s newest beat writer) for your play by play. I am not sure if the guy actually jumped or not.   TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Whoa, did my play by play of the pre Olympic high dive competition live from the Coronado bridge get ‘DISSED!” What happened? Well, once again here we are, it’s Tuesday night, and the Coronado bridge, it be JUMPIN!!! Well, maybe not the bridge, but we do have an Olympic hopeful!!! Yes, we currently have one lone competitor ready to show the city of San Diego, his diving talent!!! We have been informed that this lone diver is to attempt a new dive never seen by the Olympic watching audience! This dive will consist of a 20 1/2 flip, going into a 4 1/4 half gainer, with a 2 1/3 back twist, then straightening out to a full swan, then a 1/2 nelson with a 3/4 tuck, then extending into a spread eagle, fully laid out… belly flop!!!!Yes diving fans, this will be one you don’t want to miss, however there will be a replay tonight, (on the 11:00 news).; We have also been informed, that if the transition from the 1/2 nelson to the 1/2 gainer from the 3/4 tuck is not done with perfect precision, any chance of getting the gold, will be lost, and he may have to settle for the silver, or most possibly the bronze!!! Best seating for this event has been already sold out, and some event ticket holders are being told to hang a u-turn, and exit the freeway!!!There is still good seating available @mulletrontix.com.

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