Dez Bryant Spends $55,000 on Dinner

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A Look Behind the Numbers for the Typical Roller:

Rookie Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant and his $54,896 dinner tab.

Before I even get into the numbers,  I just have to say how bummed I am the Cowboys finally won a game this year.   I was hoping they would go 0-16 for the season.  Don’t get me wrong, I love their cheerleaders, always have and always will, who doesn’t?  They are the hottest chicks in the league.

Other than the hotties on the Dallas sidelines though, I hate everything about the Cowboys.  Jerry Jones is an old, Botox injected, egomaniac,  D-bag that I can’t stand having to watch him parade up and down the sidelines in his $3000 suits whenever the Cowboys are on TV.  Say what you want about Romo, but I don’t like him ‘cause he was sackin’ Jessica Simpson, my ex “dream hottie” back when she was hot and before she burned that horrible image of her fat ass in mom jeans into everyone’s mind (Marissa Miller is my new “dream hottie” by the way.)   I hope that stupid, too low, huge score board falls and makes an unfix-able crater in the field late some night.

Soooooo…… enough with my rant.  I just wanted to shed some light on this story of rookie Dez Bryant getting stuck with a $54,896 dinner tab.  Seems like we have all heard a story like this every year, but what does it really mean to this guys wallet.  What does it cost “to scale” compared to the average Roller on the street?  That’s the question.

According to my sources, Bryant signed a 5 year deal for $11.8 million dollars.  In my mind that puts his annual pay at $2,360,000. A tab of $54,000 represents approximately 2.3 percent of Bryant’s “annual” pay, not much really and it’s not like he will do it next year, too.  For the regular guy you pass on the street making $60,000 a year, 2.3 percent of his pay is $1,380.  A pretty decent amount of money, but come on,……..you’d spend more than that just putting a decent set of aftermarket wheels and tires on your Audi.  Another way to look at it, picking up the tap for 4 friends who like to drink at Del Frisco’s steak house in Vegas followed by a little entertainment at a strip club.   Just thought I would put it all into perspective for you.  Now I just better not see anything about Bryant and Marissa Miller in the news.

Also, how do you take 51 people out to dinner and have them spend a grand each?  Pick the most expensive place in San Diego and try to spend $1000 on dinner by yourself.  Granted some of these guys weigh 300+ lbs, but how many steaks can you eat?  I am just wondering what type of tip the waitress received.   -The Financial Freak

Now go back to work so you can buy a $5 footlong for lunch…….enjoy the video below of the Dallas Cheerleaders swimsuit shoot.

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