Dallas Needs 10,000 More Strippers For Super Bowl.

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When you read the title of this post did you say, “No Fu&%ing Way!”.  I read this and that is exactly what I said.

A Dallas strip club owner says the city will need to import 10,000 new dancers to handle the rush for Super Bowl week.

John Walsh, who owns one of the 60+  strip clubs in Dallas that I’m not going to name because then he’ll have been successful in his blatant attempt at self-promote, told TMZ that, the city’s 60 gentleman’s clubs will need the additional workforce to handle the influx of visitors in town for next Sunday’s game. I say, bull shit. Although the thought of 10,000 strippers does make the blood rush to certain parts of my body, I still say BS.  Here are my reasons and you tell me if you agree or not.

Reason #1.  The two teams that are playing in the Super Bowl.  The Green Bay fans are more concerned with how many cheese burgers they can get on this trip than how many tits they can pay many dollars to see.  The Pittsburgh fans are just happy to be out of one of the biggest dumps of a city in US and again, are too into their team to be bothered with naked women.

Reason #2.   Dallas has the finest strippers on the planet besides Vegas and Tampa.  Girls in Texas that are hot grow up to be 1 of 3 things.  #1 a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader  #2  Marry a rich oil man #3 Become a stripper.  With 60+ establishments in town they must hav3 e 40 that work at each so that would say there are a total of 2400 strippers in the Dallas Area.  If all 40 girls worked each night there would be no room in the strip joint to put guests.  So unless they are planning on putting up giant tents in the middle of a pasture I say they can’t fit all this new imported talent into the current establishments.
Reason #3.   Walsh is saying Dallas is expecting to pack in 300,000 people into the city for this weekend.   I am guessing, but lets say 75% are men.   That would make 225,000 men coming to town.   1/3rd of them can’t go because they are with their wives so that would leave half of the men coming being allowed to even go to a strip joint.  So 150,000 men are allowed to go if they choose to.  So with 2400 already being there and another 10,000 coming in that would give them roughly 12,400 strippers.  The would would be a ratio of 12 to 1.  60 clubs and 150,000 men. that means each club would need to fit 2,500 people.

Again, I love the idea of 10,000 whores I mean strippers coming to Dallas, but just don’t buy the numbers.  Iceberg@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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