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D Wolf Sat Down With DJ Diamond

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It’s all about the HOSTEL GIRL TAKE OVER!!! How are you lady? Thank you so much for allowing Dwolf to interview you… I must say I have questions upon questions for you… So let’s just dig in!!!

You are Crazy beautiful! Long blonde hair, beautiful body and stunning face… What inspired this gorgeous creature to become a DJ? And how long have you been working at it?  Thank you very much for the kind complements!  I got my degree in Sports Medicine and was planning on become an orthopedic surgeon or go into sports therapy, I was in the health and fitness industry at the time and realized that spending the rest of my life in a clinic or hospital setting wouldn’t make me happy. I didn’t want to live my life that way so I thought about what really made me happy. I loved performing, I had grown up on the stage as my fathers assistant (he was a magician) and acted in theater up till college. I loved the stage! I was also a huge house music fan. I was introduced to the scene in Manchester England where I had a job in a health facility for a short time, I would spend my nights at the famed Hacienda nightclub and fell in love with house music. It seemed natural to put the love of performing and the love of music together and become a DJ. I bought turntables, taught myself to play records and the rest is history.

You are the most internationally traveled female DJ!! How many countries have you traveled to so far? And which one is the most memorable? I’ve DJ’d in over 35 countries, Ive experienced so many different cultures and they are all wonderful!!! Going on Safari in South Africa after playing a 15,000 person festival was really incredible! Djing on the private Island in the British Virgin Islands (Neckar Island owned by Richard Branson) was stunning. There are too many experiences to choose one as the most memorable, they are all fantastic!!

Did you wake up one morning and say, I’m going to travel the world kicking the music industries ass or what!? How did this opportunity to travel abroad present its self to you? I had always had the goal to effect as many people as possible in a positive way through my music. I remember my first show out of my home town, as the plane was taking off I was thinking to my self that my goal is to go global and see the world and entertain people everywhere! Well that dream came true! One international country led to another. Im currently doing this interview at the airport on my way to India!

What is it like knowing your going to leave another country not exactly the same way you found it?  I hope I’ve affected everyone I come in touch with in a positive way, my goal is to bring pleasure to peoples lives through music so if I can do that then Ive succeeded!


 How in the world do you stay in such amazing shape, when you are always on the move?  I take very good care of myself, I get as much sleep as I can, drink plenty water, work out often and eat a clean Vegan diet. Im also extremely happy and I think that does a lot for the mind and body.

You have been featured in PLAYBOY 3 times, as well as MAXIM MAGAZINE AND MANY MORE!! What was it like to be PLAYMATE of the MONTH for PLAYBOY? Such an honor, I was so surprised when I got that news. I feel very fortunate to have been chosen to represent the magazine in such a way.

 What are some of the perks of being a playboy model? I think people respect that title to some extent, it is an honor. I really dont think of myself that way though, Im a DJ first and just happen to have been in a couple of incredible magazines.

Do you party like a Rock star? Those days are long gone, if I want to keep healthy and continue to be successful in my career I need to take real good care of myself. I never drink when I DJ, I always keep a clean head, though I do enjoy a good glass of red wine now and then.

So back to music…heehee… Who are some of your musical inspirations? I’ve always looked up to Paul Van Dyk, I think he is a musical genius, I really admire Calvin Harris’s work as well as Hardwell. There are so many talented  producers/DJ’s out there!!

 What type of music do you most enjoy spinning? I love playing uplifting vocal progressive house. My style changes depending on what part of the world I am in, I play to the people whether it would be Electro, Progressive, Hard House, Trance and Hip House, my job is to entertain so I play what the people in that part of the world enjoy along with exposing them to knew sounds.

  Who is your idol? (If she/he is alive have you met them yet? I really admire Lady Gaga, I think she is fabulous as an artist as well as a positive influence on people and the way they treat themselves and others. Ive never met her but would be absolutely thrilled to do so!

 How do you feel you differ from other DJ’s? All DJ’s pretty much play similar music, Ive been told that my energy when performing is what makes me different. I always climb up on the turntables to get the crowed worked up, I jump and screen and just get crazy, Im very dramatic. I dont care if I look like a fool, Im having fun feeding off the energy and give as much as I can back!

What can we expect to see or hear from you while you’re entertaining the masses?  A lot of movement and fun! Hopefully you would be having a great time dancing your booty off!

Will you please share with us a story about a crazzzzy fan who tried to get your attention…? I’m sure you have a few FB stalkers!  So many stories in my years of DJing! One is I was playing a show on the beach in Singapore many years ago, the sun was setting and the people were in a frenzy with the music pumping, the party was going off. There was a lifted pool across from me, people jumping in and dancing around the edges. One man  was trying to get my attention, screaming my name across the sand, standing on the edge of the lifted pool. He decided that to really get my attention he had to drop his swim trunks and start jumping up and down yelling out my name, well he took a naked face plant straight into the sand with everyone watching. He ended up being ok but it was pretty funny to see.

When you are not conquering the world, what else do you enjoy doing?  Spending time at home with my husband, my birds and close friends. I really value my relationships and get as much time in as I can.

You have really niiice boobies… Are those real? Thank you! They are enhanced to fit the rest of my curves. Its kind of obvious right?

What is the next big step for DJ Diamond?  I’m currently working on tracks with DJ Red, we are doing some original pieces. Im always traveling, Im on my way to India and then when I get back Im starting a tour with Dj Irene called “The Boss and The Bunny DJ Tour”. Im also on my own tour which will take me to Dubai, Mexico and Brazil just in the next month.

What is it like to be a female DJ? Do Male DJs give you any trouble, or do they bow down? In the beginning I really had to prove myself, when I started there were not a lot of female DJ’s, I wasn’t taken too seriously, many male DJ’s felt there wasnt a place for female DJ’s in the industry.  I had to work hard, always be prepared and really develop my skill, just like any other DJ. I didn’t give up and I really pushed on, eventually I was taken seriously, if you do the job that you are hired to do and do it well then your doing something right, whether you are male or female, we are all in this business to entertain, simple as that!

What advise would you give another female DJ if she wanted to conquer the world like her role model DJ Diamond? Practice, practice, practice!! Make sure you have really developed the skill of DJing, know your crowed, be prepared. Dont give up, believe in yourself, learn from as many people as you can and take every opportunity to play out. Love what you do most of all and have fun with it!!

 When will you be in San Diego again? And where will we be able to find you? My next San Diego show with be at “Boudoir” on Nov. 26th, I dont get to play in San Diego often enough, I tend to be traveling more for a show. Its nice to play in my hometown and not be on a flight across the world for 27 hours which Im about to do any minute now on my way to India.  I wan to thank RollinSD and you D Wolf thank you for giving me this opportunity!! Best to you, Diamond

For more information on DJ Diamond you can go to her website  DJ Diamond or check her out on Facebook.  You need to see all the hot photo’s.


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