Creepy and Cool at the Same Time

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Not sure if I give this a thumbs up or a thumbs down? The song kind of sucks, but there is something so right,yet so wrong about the video.  I always thought the characters for the fast food places were real creepy and odd. This really shows them as creepy, but then they tear it up like rock stars;  weed, blow and whiskey!  Now you are going to see 20 yr olds lined up to get jobs as mascots . Did you see the Colonel getting a lap dance from a hottie?  And….. he is making her wear a chicken head-  just awesome.  Burger King ads on TV really have their guy being creepy and I am not sure if this helps or hurts their business.  Jack always has a few cool commercials on and even though I don’t eat there, I like the commercials.  I will keep watching this one and next time I see one of their real commercials, I am going to be thinking of all the debauchery in this video.  Thumbs up or Thumbs down?  I am leaning towards thumbs up.

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