Could Be The Hottest Celebrity Alive!!!

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Reggie Bush has to be kicking himself for letting her go.  She has had her ups and downs on how she looked in the past.  I saw the video of her and Ray Ray the other day and she was pasty white and looked so young and pudgy, but this was pre Kim becoming a women. This was her in a cheesy self made porn tape and it accomplished what she wanted. It made her famous and put her in the spotlight.   Now, she has womanly curves and has aged to perfection.  The baby fat look is gone and now she reeks of sex. Right now she is built like some cyber robot from outer space that has come to Earth to crush men.  I was having coffee this morning after working out at 4:30 am, (have to keep my body looking like a gay Brazilian swim suit model) and flipping through a real old US Weekly to see who I could be annoyed with.  I am so sick of 90% of the shit they print and talk about.  I flip to the first page and I almost spit my coffee out.  Here is this photo with an ass that is just perfect.  Not only is her ass perfect but this is the perfect suit for her.  She is showing about 3 inches of crack and nothing could be hotter.  Some people like thongs on chicks, but they don’t compare to this.  A thong shows too much ass and most asses don’t look like they do in the movies or airbrushed in Playboy. The bottom she is wearing her gives you the perfect  tease of what the rest looks like.    I wish I was 14 and could buy this poster and hang it in my bedroom wall.   If I did it now my girlfriend would think I was a freak.   Notice I said hottest celebrity,  I have someone who isn’t a celebrity that I am trying to get on the site.  She is hotter than Kim and she wears panties like no other.  Stay tuned Rollers. Iceberg@RollinSD.com

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