#1 Reason Why US Commerials Suck

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The internet is awesome for so many reasons.   #1 is, I get to talk shit and people actually listen… wonder the advertising industry is upside down and dropping faster than a sponsor of Tiger Woods. This commercial is so effective.   I am thinking I am definitely going to buy condoms or calling my doctor to get an appointment to get snipped. I’m not wearing the condoms to prevent me from getting a disease ( you can cure Herpes!), I just don’t want a monster like this kid.   I bet the guy in the commercial had to hold back with all his might to not just punt the kid right in the head.   If the US allowed commercials like this, maybe people would DVR every show and actually watch the commercials.  Granted, I don’t think I could watch this one that often because the kid is so annoying but I am thinking at this moment where is the nearest 7-11 so I can buy a 3 pack…  If you have a commercial that should be aired in the US but isn’t send it to me at

PS…… I don’t want any of you saying this has been around the internet for a while. I know that, I have had it awhile.  It has just taken that deuche John this long to find a decent company to put this site together.

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