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Coming to a stadium near you soon.

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At least you hope it will. There are a few issues with going to live sporting events.

1  having to leave your seat to go to the bathroom and wait in line to drain it.

2  the price of the tickets and parking

3  waiting in line for a beer.


What is the worst of the three listed above? I am going with #3.  Waiting in line for a beer.   I always seem to get behind the idiot that wants to go over his/her order a few times and then make changes.  Or just stands there and thinks about what kind of beer to order, when he could have done this while waiting in line for 10 minutes…Now this invention should help solve some of the problems with the pouring speed..   It also looks like it doesn’t waste any beer.  Has anyone seen this live?  Want your report on it. Hoping to see this in San Diego soon.  Hell, hoping to see this in my office soon.   Enjoy…

John is a badass motha fucka

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