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“Cmon Vince” DUI Sentence A Little Harsh?

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Vince Neil does not get to complain that getting 15 days in the clink for a DUI is “harsh”, not after killing someone driving drunk back in 1984.

Drunk driving is a mistake many people have made, and hopefully have made without any permanent consequence – but I am always confused why millionaires make that mistake.  Nick Nolte, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, and the list goes on.  Most rich people have drivers, and all of them can afford cabs.  Hell, I’d drive Nick Nolte home just for the story, and to ask him about filming 48 Hours and what Eddie Murphy was like on his first film.  But one famous person who can’t make this mistake anymore is Vince Neil, after killing his passenger back in 1984.  No more mulligans with drunk driving for that guy.

Vince unfortunately got behind the wheel drunk again in January, got busted, and is complaining now that fifteen days in the slammer is “a little harsh”.  Sorry Vince, can’t have your back on that one.  You kill your buddy, write a $2.5 million dollar check to get away with manslaughter and retain your freedom – you just can’t go there again.  If you do, and only get 15 days, consider yourself beyond lucky.

This isn’t a personal crusade or a Mothers Against Drunk Driving ad, it’s just an expression of disappointment.  It’s expected that rock stars over-indulge and get away with almost anything.  It’s understood when they are narcissists and worry only about how things affect them.   I mean, we know our rock stars to live the life, use groupies for sex, spend millions frivolously – and we all smile and say “party on”.   Hell, it’s what we want from our rock stars.  But when they are this stupid, so extremely irresponsible that their actions result in death, even the biggest rock fans have to expect them to have learned their lesson.   Grab a cab next time asshole.  And quit you’re whining. ~Critical Kemp

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