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A friend asked me if I ever googled myself.   I said “what is this, don’t click, don’t tell?”

To Google someone, as if I needed to tell you, is to put your name in a search engine and see what comes up.

And yes, I’ve done it. 978 thousand results. But unlike you, I’m in talk-radio. It’s not all nice.
It’s the nature of what I do-combative talk. Some people agree, and some people want to carve out my heart out with a dull bread knife.

What amazes me is how the search engine finds it all. Apparently, while we’re sleeping,
internet spiders roam the web looking for any reference of your name, and when you submit an inquiry, it all pops up.

There are actually web PR firms that can help you hide bad stories.

They enter in hundreds of good references to your name, and pushes the bad stuff way back. But it never really goes away.

I feel bad for anyone else out there named Chip Franklin. And I found about six of them.

Bummer. They shouldn’t have to pay for my politics, right?

So, if you Google me, make sure you’re carve out the right heart.

John is a badass motha fucka

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