Charlie Sheen’s New Cologne

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Charlie can’t get enough with being in the press. He is trying to convince everyone he is a winner and in doing so he is looking more and more like a loser. I actually love the guy and think people should get the hell off his back. We don’t jump all over rock stars when they go on benders and ramble about nonsense. So why pick on Charlie Sheen? I think it is a total double standard. Who cares if he parties for 3 days in a row without sleeping. He shows up to work when needed and kicks ass. He is not out driving around loaded and killing people. The only person he is hurting is himself so get off the guys back already. Look at this video here and how the camera makes him look.  He was right in the 2nd video where he says look at this.  The lights are terrible, they do that on purpose. They make her look better.  She the star and I am the weirdo.   Like the guy who believes in UFO’s and the guy that doesn’t.  He was getting $2 million per episode of Two and a Half Men and now is worth $4 million per episode.  Get off his back and leave him alone. 80% of you guys reading this wish you could be him for just 1 day. I know I do and I will be sure to go out and pick up some of Charlie Sheen’s new cologne. TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Now this is the video not many of you have seen.  This is of him watching the his interview and making comments.. I think this guy is legit and you all should just leave him the fuck alone.  The guy is bi-winning.. I love this line.


John is a badass motha fucka

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