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Chargers Kicker Nick Novak Caught With His Pants Down on the Sideline

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Sunday was another rough day for the Chargers and even a rougher day for kicker Nick Novak. He had a shot at a 54 yarder in overtime to seal the victory for the Chargers and missed it. To add insult to injury, cameras caught Novak taking a knee on the sideline and with help from an assistant holding up a towel for privacy he began to relieve himself. Although it was embarrassing, he didn’t have much of a choice. If his team needed him to kick and he was in the locker room taking piss, I don’t think it would have sat too well with the fans or the team. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

To make things even worse in the post game interview, Novak was clearly upset about blowing the kick. So much so, that he even BEAGAN TO CRY! Reporters were told to not to ask any more questions. We know that you were disappointed Nick but you didn’t need to cry! Of all the people on a football team, the kicker should be the last one to cry. This isn’t little league Nick, getting caught peeing on the sideline and crying because you missed the game winning field goal isn’t the way to conduct yourself in the NFL. You need to keep your chin up buddy, you have far exceeded most fans expectations from a backup kicker.


The Chargers offense didn’t do him much any favors either by giving him a long shot at 54 yards. If he missed a chip shot, then yeah, I would be crying too. It’s a shame that it looks like Novak isn’t going to get a shot to kick in the playoffs; he could have been the missing link to a championship after Kaeding’s infamous post season collapses. Tough day in the pros Nick, but you can bounce back!

-Brendan Prinz

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