Chargers Game Blacked Out, Watch It On RollinSD

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Yes, that’s right bitches.  The game is blacked out and while all of San Diego will be whining about not being able to watch the game, Rollers are in the know thanks to yours truly.  I have a friend who hooked me up with this site where you can watch all the games even when blacked out.  I think cable will be a thing of the past real soon, but remember the logo on the top of our site.  Because you need to be the first to know. Try this out now and hook your laptop or computer up to your TV today. I was just watching the NFL Network on my work computer. This shit is sick.  Do you notice a trend with the Chargers this season?  When they are on TV they lose and when they are blacked out they win. I am calling a big upset this weekend with the Chargers beating Tennessee 31-28 and guess what? I will be sitting on my couch with my 12 pack of Blue Moon and enjoying the game on my 50 inch High Def TV.  No need to thank me, but I am asking that you forward this to everyone you know by either posting this on Facebook or hitting the envelope icon at the top of the post and emailing this to yourself.  Then forward it to all your friends who may want to watch the Chargers in the comfort of their own home.  I rock.   TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Watch the Chargers by clicking here –  CHARGERS GAME now book mark this site or put this link in your favorites at home and at work.  Look at all the shit you can watch!  http://rollingsd.com/chargers-game-blacked-out-watch-it-on-rollinsd/#more-8221

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