Celtics vs Lakers Final

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The Boston Celtics were staring down the barrel of historical ignominy as they took the hallowed parquet floor for game six of the Eastern Conference Finals.  Orlando had gotten off the mat of an 0-3 hay maker to seize the momentum  and push Boston towards the precipice of a shameful choke.

The Celtics took an early lead until Dwight Howard asserted himself with a few uncontested dunks.  The plan early in the series was to hack him and put him on the line- where he sucks at about 50%.  They failed to do that and he scored way too easily.

I want to make this clear- Howard is a dirty cheap shot motherfucking goon.  Flailing elbows to Garnett’s head, and Big Baby’s face.  Perkins and Pierce getting the double karate chop decapitation and Rondo getting laid out every time after the whistle when the foul was already called.

Stan Van Gundy was hoarse after the first quarter yet that didn’t prevent him from continuing to scream like Bobcat Goldthwait.  How much can the multi- millionaires hear before he starts sounding like Charlie Browns teacher?

After another cheap shot by Blight Howard leaves Rondo writhing on the floor in pain, Celtic nation was nervous.  Never fear, Nate Robinson is here!  Dusting off the rust of utter inactivity he played like a man possessed on both ends.  He gave Magic sparkplug Jameer Nelson fits on defense.  He drilled several jumpers and was a dynamic playmaker, setting up his teammates for some easy buckets.  His presence changed the entire tenor and tempo of the game.

Howard gets called for a foul and pleads his case while touching referee Kenny Mauer.  Perkins stomps away unhappy last game and gets the T.  Why the dichotomy?

Celts push lead to 20 behind energy of Nate Robinson, then are beset by their typical inexplicable lull coupled with inspired resurgence of the moribund Vince Carter.  Their lead is whittled to 13 at the half- engendering nervousness in the Garden faithful.

The Celtics come out firing in third quarter with Ray Ray knocking down two threes that leave his momma and Stan Van Gundy screaming, along with the rest of the green clad throng.

Despite another assault on Pierce by Howard, Boston maintained control and thwarted every Orlando foray.  They are marching on to the franchises’ 21st NBA finals.

Although I love Nash and how Phoenix plays, I want the Lakers.  They have met a ridiculous amount of times in the finals, and it is how it should be.  They are both basketball royalty.  I hate Kobe and Gasol and Artest and Jackson and all the facelifted frontrunning fans.  I want to see them ingest another loss to the greatest franchise in the history of sports.  Go Celtics!  Wings@RollinSD.com

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